New Leadership Board

On Wednesday, May 11, at 7 PM, a church conference was convened via Zoom with our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Wanda Duckett, presiding.  The purpose of the meeting was to consider transitioning the current administrative leadership model to a single board model of church governance.  Fifty-seven church members were present.  The meeting was opened with prayer and words of welcome from Rev. Duckett, followed by a brief presentation by Pastor Stephanie summarizing what a single board model of leadership would look like.  After a cordial and lively discussion, the vote was cast with 52 in favor, 4 against, and 1 abstaining.  This means the work of transitioning to the new model begins now.

The new Leadership Board will be comprised of eleven (voting) church members, Pastor Stephanie, and Pastor Christine.  The new Board will take on the responsibilities of the Administrative Council, Staff Parish Relations Committee, Trustees, and the Finance Committee.  If you would like more information about how all of this works, please watch this 1.5 hour presentation from the Baltimore Washington Conference or this video for a fourteen-minute overview.

If you would like to be considered to be a part of this new team, please fill out the Leadership Board interest form and submit it online.  The nominations committee will meet in June to discuss and consider all those interested and will then make recommendations to a special called church council meeting later in June.  (Dates will be determined soon.)