Altar – a tomb-shape in the chancel that serves as a reminder of the tombs that early Christian worshippers secretly used as altars in the catacomb tunnels

Candles – burning brightly as Christ’s Light of the World, the two large candles on either side of the altar show God’s humanity and divinity. Banks of candles on each side of the chancel light sanctuary for worshippers

Cross – a message of hope, hanging on the back wall of the chancel area chancel – area that includes the choir loft, pulpit (used for preaching), lectern (used for reading scripture), and communion table

Chapel – Dedicated on Sunday, May 14, 1967 in honor of former pastor Dr. Lewis F. Ransom, our chapel includes painted glass windows representing the life of Christ and promoting the longstanding Methodist tradition of Christian Education.

Flowers – fresh flowers on either side of the altar symbolize God’s power to bring life from earth, just as Christ was brought forth from the manger and, later, the grave

Frontal – cloth placed on the altar that changes colors with the season

Narthex — the church foyer, wherein early Christian worshipers (who emerged from catacombs and other secret places of worship, but were not yet members) stood and watched worship services between the cracks of rods made from the Greek plant “narthex”

Nave – the area beyond the narthex, derived from the Latin word “naves”, meaning “ship”, called such because of the Christians’ connections to Noah’s Ark and the church as the ship of the Lord, in which Christians sailed together in the sea of life

Red Carpet – representing the path of the martyrs, from the narthex, through the nave and chancel, to the area behind the altar rail, known as the “sanctuary” or “holy place”