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Let’s Wrap Others in Warmth

This holiday season, we are creating knotted, fleece blankets for victims of domestic violence residing temporarily at House of Ruth Maryland in downtown Baltimore. Donation deadline is November 14, 2021. Join us!

There are many ways you can help with this project:

  1. Donate $ to cover the cost of fleece for one blanket (approximately $12). Give HERE.
  2. Purchase and donate yards of fleece material (two panels of 48″ x 60 ” to make one blanket)
  3. Purchase and donate pre-cut fleece blankets (available at Joann’s as “no sew” fleece blankets in a variety of patterns)
  4. Make your own knotted fleece blanket* and donate it.
  5. Attend our Tie-the-Knot Party on November 14 after 10:15 AM worship.
*For this project, you’ll need a good pair of fabric scissors, four large safety pins, and plenty of table space to work with the two, large fleece panels you purchase. Match the two fleece panels together, back-to-back with the desired pattern sides facing outward. Pin the material securely together in each corner. Cut into the material, creating multiple 1″ x 6″ strips around the entire perimeter. At the corners, cut a full square out so the sides match up. Then, move around the entire project by tying two adjacent strips together with a double knot. Use caution to ensure the two fleece panels are lined up correctly as you work around the entire piece. When you tie knots all the way around the fleece material (i.e. no more dangling strips), then you are finished!  Have more questions? Contact communications@towsonumc.org.

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