Maundy Thursday Virtual Meditation

Observe Maundy Thursday from home with Rev Mark Johnson as he remembers Jesus' Last Supper with the disciples. Watch from the link

Maundy Thursday Virtual Meditation2020-04-09T12:21:07-04:00

Church is closed. Nature is not.

Walk the Labyrinth for Holy Week 2020 Church is closed; nature is not! For Holy Week, Marketing & Communications Director Maryanne Arthur

Church is closed. Nature is not.2020-04-06T14:24:04-04:00

Emergency Food Pantry Drive-Thru OPEN

Emergency Food Pantry OPEN monthly as Drive-Thru On Saturday March 21, our Food Pantry ministry served 36 local households with a drive-thru,

Emergency Food Pantry Drive-Thru OPEN2020-03-29T12:01:52-04:00